Genoa Ship Management

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Genoa Ship Management Srl
Via Al Ponte Reale, 2/8
16123 Genoa – ITALY
+39 010 7531035


An International
Company with a
multinational Identity.

We establish close relationship with our customer based on trust and common objectives, aware that success of our customer will favour ours.

Genoa Ship Management
Quick Overview

Genoa Ship Management S.r.l., was established with the purpose of providing a wide spectrum of services, always performed by competent and qualified professional surveyors, to grant quality, reliability and quick results. Our reputation is growing worldwide thanks our technical and management skill and our ability to solve problems through our availability, creativity and style, in compliance with the rules.

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Corporate profile

The Company grants a long life experience of the Partners in Classification Society, Tanker Company Management, Ship-Management both on board and ashore all over the world.

Our Objectives is to offer services to our Clients relevant to:

– Verification

– Control

– Assistance

– Consultancy

– Ship management

aimed at improving the safety and quality of their products, process and services.

We are an autonomous and independent Company which operates freely in the market either alone or through relationships, agreements, partnerships and synergies with other organizations to develop and innovate our range of services.

Our power is the quality of our services characterized by:

– Applied skills

– Customer relationship

– Our ability to understand Customer’s needs

– Integrity of our actions

– Response time.

We encourage and take into account feedback on our work to improve the quality of our services and products


Alberto Annicetti
President & Founder

Alberto has a long experience in the ship management sector in the technical, safety, crewing and purchasing activities.

He has been principal surveyor in private companies, in Italy and abroad, manager of ship business unit in the Italian Naval Registry and business manager for RINA Spa.

Michele Migone

Michele has a long experience in shipping companies. He is specialized in full ship and technical management.

He has an international background as senior ship superintendent and technical co-ordinator.

Via Al Ponte Reale, 2/8
16123 Genoa - ITALY


We are located in Genoa, Italy, a major Maritime Business Hub, to serve the Maritime Industry worldwide.

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